The AirshowStuff Blog Has Moved

We are excited to announce that AirshowStuff has a new look! Today we are launching a new site layout and blog. From this point forward this blog system will be left up only as an archive of previous posts. No new posts will be added, and we will soon start winding down some of the interactive features. Some of the recent posts have been relocated to the new system, and thanks to an automatic redirect when you click on one on them you will be instantly transported to the corresponding post on the new site. We will leave the old video pages and magazine site up as archives as well, accessible through the navigation bar to the left.

The new site design reflects the evolving nature of AirshowStuff, and integrates the blog and other areas of the site much more closely. We hope this will enable us to not only post content more efficiently, but also keep it looking great as technology and viewing methods change.

Any of you who have subscribed to this blog will have to resubscribe to the new blog, where we will send weekly recaps of posts. We apologize for the inconvenience but hope you will choose to follow us. It should be quite an improvement.

Please join us at the new AirshowStuff!

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