EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 – Feel Like You’re There Even If You Can’t Be!

Aircraft on Display - EAA AirVenture
One of the best weeks of the year for aviation lovers is fast approaching, but for those who don’t have tickets to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, July 28th-Aug 4th can be one of the most lonliest weeks of the year. Don’t fear though – this year EAA has several ways to make it almost feel like you’re there. Our team here at AirshowStuff has compiled some of the best methods of enjoying the show without making the trip:

Listen to EAA Radio: 
On EAA Radio you can listen to the daily airshow announcer/music feed live, hear some of the world’s best aviation commentary and listen to interviews from key players in aviation. You can listen to it via the EAA Radio App, TuneIn, or by tuning your radio to 96.5FM or 1210AM if you’re in the Oshkosh area. Hearing Rob Reider yell “I Wish I had my Mother in Law up there” or hearing Sean D. Tucker yell “YEAH BABY” is guaranteed to put a smile on any airshow fan’s face and make you feel like you’re there.

Listen to EAA Radio on TuneIn.com
EAA Radio on Twitter
EAA Radio on Facebook
Download the EAA Radio App

EAA AirVenture WebcamView the Webcams:
The great folks at EAA have setup several live webcams stretched across the airfield so that people from all across the world can feel like they’re at the show. Be aware though that these cameras are not meant to show the daily airshow – they’re more like webcams setup for a view during the day. There may be times when they’re offline so that someone can change the view, review old footage, etc. Some certain events cannot be broadcast. Links to the cameras are below.

View the Webcam located near the Warbirds and Homebuilts
View the Webcam located near the Vintage Aircraft
View the Webcam located near the Ultralights 

Ride Along Inside a Warbird or Aeroshell Aerobatic Team Aircraft! 
This year, iFlytheAirShow.com will allow you to ride along inside the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team’s slot airplane as well as warbirds throughout the week. There will be four HD cameras attached to each aircraft, providing video from the wingtip, tail, and inside the cockpit, looking forward and back. You’ll also be able to stream audio and pilot comms.

The service isn’t free though; it will cost $1.99 per experience. You can buy a 5-experience bundle for $8.49, which includes two free experience coupons to share with a friend. After the event, you can watch any video on demand for $1.99.

IMG_9907web-MThe tentative schedule of experiences during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 is as follows:

  • Monday, July 28 – Afternoon: AeroShell Team
  • Tuesday, July 29 – Morning: Dawn Patrol; Afternoon: Warbirds of America
  • Wednesday, July 30 – Afternoon: Warbirds of America; Night: AeroShell Team
  • Thursday, July 31 – Morning: Dawn Patrol; Afternoon: Warbirds of America
  • Friday, August 1 – Afternoon: Warbirds of America and AeroShell Team
  • Saturday, August 2 – Morning: Dawn Patrol; Afternoon Warbirds of America; Night: AeroShell Team

Listen to LiveATC’s feeds
The great folks at LiveATC.net have once again put up live streams of the Air Traffic Control communicatons at Oshkosh. Listen to the arrivals, the daily airshow airboss feed and more on their site. Feeds include the Airboss, Airshow Control, KOSH Tower and Approach and more. Frequencies are also on the website if you happen to live in the area and have a powerful scanner!

Listen to the live feeds here!

Follow the AirshowStuff and EAA Accounts!
AirshowStuff will have four members of our staff at EAA AirVenture, providing pictures, videos and other updates throughout the week. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest info! If you’re on Twitter, search for #OSH14, the official hashtag of EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2014! EAA’s account (@EAAUpdate) will also be active during the week, so be sure to follow them too! Don’t forget to follow EAA’s Instagram account for cool images throughout the event and the year as well as their Facebook page.

2 comments to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 – Feel Like You’re There Even If You Can’t Be!

  • Tom

    Last year, you could watch the daily airshow via webcam. This year, I don’t see an icon for that on the EAA Airventure Live website. Has something changed?

  • RyanS

    That’s a good question Tom, since I’ve always been at the show I’m not sure how the webcams have worked in the past! Sorry I can’t provide the answer for you!

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