Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet Demo Jet Hit by Lightning

The RCAF CF-18 Demo jet and Capt. Adam Runge were forced to make an emergency landing Thursday morning after the aircraft was struck by lightning during flight. The aircraft was traveling to the Whitecourt Airshow from High River when it was struck at 17,000 feet.

CTVNews in Canada reports that “The pilot, Capt. […]

Hail Damage to B-17 Aluminum Overcast

The B-17 Aluminum Overcast was damaged by hail Wednesday afternoon after strong to severe thunderstorms moved through the Champaign, IL area and impacted the Willard airport. WICD reports that the B-17 was outside during the hailstorm due to no hangar space and suffered damage. Operations Manager  George Daubner told WICD that they will analyze the […]