Fan Submissions: Theme Week 7 – Heritage/Legacy Flights

Thanks again for submitting your photos for last week’s theme week! We posted some of our favorite Heritage/Legacy Flight photos throughout the week, and asked our fans to share some of their own shots to be featured right here on our blog. Check out just a sampling of the over 100 submissions in the slideshow […]

US Navy and Marine Tactical Demos Are Back for 2015!

The US Navy and Marine Corps will both participate in aerial demonstrations during the 2015 season, per the Navy/Marine Forum at the International Council of Airshows Convention. The US Navy will support a full Blue Angels and Leap Frogs schedule and 20 Hornet tactical demos.

Ten of these tactical hornet demos will be performed […]

Fat Albert Temporarily Replaced

Fat Albert Takeoff

The famous blue and yellow aircraft that many airshow fans know as “Fat Albert” has been replaced, at least temporarily.

Back in June, Fat Albert was hit by a bird during flight which caused maintenance issues. Since the incident, the Blue Angels had been using another C-130 borrowed from another […]