Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet Demo Jet Hit by Lightning

2014 CF-18 Hornet Demo JetThe RCAF CF-18 Demo jet and Capt. Adam Runge were forced to make an emergency landing Thursday morning after the aircraft was struck by lightning during flight. The aircraft was traveling to the Whitecourt Airshow from High River when it was struck at 17,000 feet.

CTVNews in Canada reports that “The pilot, Capt. Adam Runge, said he was about 10 minutes away from Whitecourt when the fighter jet was hit. He reported the electronics on the plane started flashing, and he felt a tingling through his body.”

It was “just a quick flash of light. You could see the bolt coming towards the aircraft and a bit of static electricity hitting the aircraft.”

Runge contacted ATC where he and ATC determined it was safe to continue to fly to his destination.

Visually, you could not see any damage on the plane. Technicians will ensure the aircraft is totally safe from internal damage before it flies again, but it is expected to fly this weekend in the airshow.

Airplanes are often struck by lightning, which can cause internal damage to the aircraft electrical system.

Read CTVNews’s full report here and see their video interview

1 comment to Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet Demo Jet Hit by Lightning

  • Don Jensen, Naval Aviator

    Please tell me he was IFR and not that “he and ATC decided it was safe to continue” because of the condition of the aircraft (experienced pilots will understand this)

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