Sea Harrier Removed From South Shore Airshow Lineup

Art Nalls - Sea HarrierArt Nalls’ Sea Harrier has quietly been removed the the South Shore Airshow lineup. Following the unrelated crashes of two Marine Corps Harriers over the past couple of months, inside sources have told AirshowStuff that Art Nalls was asked not to attend as a performer as a result of these recent incidents. The Sea Harrier had been scheduled to attend four more shows this season: the Milwaukee Air and Water Show, Cleveland, and Winston Salem along with the South Shore airshow.

The South Shore Airshow, which in previous years was hosted at a public beach on the shores of Lake Michigan in Gary, Indiana, has been moved this year to Fair Oaks Farms, one hour south of Gary. It is scheduled for July 11-13. The move was highly controversial when it was announced, with many questioning the distance of the move. Fair Oaks Farms is a rural farm and tourist attraction with features such as The Dairy Adventure, The Pig Adventure, Fair Oaks Farms Cafe, and Mooville.

Sound off airshow fans! Do you think it makes sense to cancel the Sea Harrier performance as a result of these recent crashes? Will this cancellation affect your decision to attend the show?

– Patrick Barron

5 comments to Sea Harrier Removed From South Shore Airshow Lineup

  • nick

    NO! There’s no possible way this makes sense. Cancel the whole airshow. People are going to have to drive there. I think there was a car accident in my state this week.

  • Gary

    NO! Has it been proven beyond a doubt that there is a fault with the aircraft? The Harrier has been around for some time now, if it was a dangerous aircraft would Art put himself or the general public at risk?
    As “nick” said people are going to drive to airshows, they are in far more danger doing that.

  • Tom Hansen

    The Harriers started to fly in the late 60’s. Art is one of the best that has flown this type of aircraft, his backuo Pilot is known to be the best. I know safety is their 1st priority! The AV8B although similar thye are set up for different missions than the Sea Harrier that Art Fly’s. They are being stupid…..

  • Dave

    This is a nonsense. This aircraft is not an AV8B as (or is currently) operated in the USMC who maintain their aircraft in tip top condition. This aircraft is a Sea Harrier, albeit a bit older than the AV8B non the less very well maintained. Any connection between the two should be discounted, I’d happily go and watch this as its the only flying example left in the world

  • chris

    NO! take away their mancard.

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