2014 Golden Knights Schedule

2014 Golden Knights:

**Please note that there is a Gold and a Black team. This is why there are 2 slots per weekend**

APRIL 04/04-04/06 Open / Open 04/11-04/12 Open / Open 04/18-04/20 Open / Open 04/25-04/27 Open / Open

MAY 05/05-05/05 Manassas,VA / Open 05/09-05/11 Open / Open 05/17-05/17 Open / Cape Girardeau,MO 05/23-05/23 […]

Soggy Weekend at the Military Aviation Museum

Mother Nature was not kind to the Military Aviation Museum, located in Virginia Beach, VA this year. A show that was stock full of warbirds wasn’t able to fly due to a wet airfield all weekend. Friday night, the day before the show was scheduled to begin, heavy rainfall fell from thunderstorms over Virginia Beach […]

The World’s Only Flying Mosquito!

The heap of decayed wood and crumbling parts didn’t look like much, let alone a warplane. During World War II, the wooden, twin-engine Mosquito was known for its speed, built by the British and used as a reconnaissance, fighter and bomber.

This particular Mosquito had fallen a long way since it’s prime. It had […]

March 12,2013 Update on Sequestration from ICAS


With the national and local media working hard to explain the impact of sequestration, air shows are receiving considerable attention during these first few days of March. Whether it’s national exposure like this widely distributed Associated Press storyfrom Sunday, March 10 or this politically-oriented story from Politico.com […]

February 22nd Update on Sequestration from ICAS


Since our last update, sequestration-related budget cuts have gone from being barely reported to being the new “it” issue in the local and national press. Unfortunately, Congress and the President are no closer to a solution than they were nine days ago. It still appears likely that budget cuts of nearly […]

2013 F-22 Raptor Demo Team Schedule

Feb 26-March 3 Avalon Australia March 9 MCAS Yuma, AZ March 23-24 Punta Gorda, FL April 6-7 MacDill AFB, FL April 27-28 MCAS Beaufort, SC May 4-5 Langley AFB, VA May 11-12 Jackson, MS Jun 1-2 Rockford, IL Jun 8-9 Ocean City, MD June 26 Atlantic City, NJ June 29-30 North Kingstown, RI July 12-14 […]